Rustic home with clay roofing

A rustic handmade aesthetic

Our new Rustics range of handcrafted plain clay roof tiles have a traditional rustic handmade aesthetic, designed to add character and value to both newbuild and historic roofs at considerably lower cost than new handmade or reclaimed tiles.

Manufactured to modern performance standards, this high specification range has an irregular sandfaced surface with natural mellow Staffordshire clay colours, which are achieved entirely through sophisticated kiln firing techniques without the use of any artificial additives or pigmentation.

The Rustic range offers selfbuilders and renovators a durable, sustainable, economical alternative to handmade clay roof tiles, which will give their properties a mature and established appearance that will blend in with most modern and traditional surroundings.

Lasting clay colours

For over 200 years, we have been making Staffordshire clay tiles at our Works in the Midlands.  Our authentic clay colours are derived from the mineral content within the Etruria Marl clay which reacts with the atmosphere in the kiln to produce colours with tonal variations which are natural and will not fade over time.

At Dreadnought we believe that the beauty of true clay colour produces a unique richness and character on the roof making a powerful statement of quality.

Modern performance standards

Our tiles are manufactured to exceed BS EN 1304:2013.    Freeze Thaw Standards require plain clay tiles used in the UK to withstand at least 150 freeze/thaw cycles under method E of European Standard EN 539-2:2013.  We regard this as too low for our climate and we therefore test ours to withstand at least 400 cycles.

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