Idealcombi windows and doors on a modern home

Back in 2010 when Idealcombi introduced the use of PUR (Polyurethane), the Futura+ window was born, marking the beginning of second generation composite windows.

Introducing PUR eliminated issues traditionally found in composite windows and made it possible to achieve lower U-values with a very slim profile. PUR insulates twice as well as pine wood, making it the perfect thermal break.

Not only is PUR a fantastic thermal barrier, it is also a strong, imperishable material with no cavities for dirt or insects to hide in. The inside of the window frame is very smooth and easy to clean, reducing maintenance requirements. No timber is exposed to the elements meaning the longevity of the window is also greatly increased.

With a history of product innovation in the windows and doors sector, Idealcombi take great pride in being one of the first manufacturers to introduce the aluminium clad timber window to the market. This was swiftly followed by the release of the composite window with a plastic thermal break, and most recently in 2012, we released the second generation of composite windows, with polyurethane moulds between timber and aluminium components.

The use of PUR is not limited to our windows – we also use PUR in our sliding doors, patio doors and front doors for improved life span and thermal performance.

Having second generation composite windows means:

  • Higher temperature on the inside of the windows, reducing the risk of condensation – even with double glazing
  • Longer life span with easier and less frequent maintenance
  • No exposed timber in the ‘wet zone’ on the sill of the window
  • Highly recyclable materials
  • Better thermal performance than timber and alu-clad timber windows

Learn more about second generation windows on Idealcombi’s website.


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