The Best Designer Radiators to Keep Warm During Winter

Give your heating system a designer makeover with these stunning radiators
Charley Ward
by Charley Ward
20th November 2018

Tired of plain old panel radiators? Thankfully there’s a wealth of attractive alternatives out there – and we’ve picked our favourite designer radiators to help you choose something a little more stylish for your living space.

We’ve also reached out the experts to find out what you need to consider ahead of choosing a style and what you need to ask your radiator supplier before you buy.

Choosing designer radiators

Ensuring your house is heated efficiently through the colder months is crucial for preventing damp and keeping you and your family happy and healthy.

If you’ve chosen to use radiators in your central heating setup, they will comprise an integral part of your house’s interiors, but the standard fluted white designs don’t typically add much flair to a space.

designer radiator vertical by Vasco

The Beams Mono by Vasco features a refined aluminium design in a minimal, slimline form. Each section of this designer radiator is sold separately, giving you the choice to mount as many as you desire in your living area, in either the same or differing colours. Prices start from £654

Designer radiator by the heating boutique

This stylish anthracite grey radiator adds a quirky and playful twist to the traditional column format. Its curved tubes of varying heights will add interest and fun to your room’s scheme. The Carisa Motion radiator is available in both horizontal and vertical options. Prices start from £368 at The Heating Boutique

Fortunately, contemporary options have real aesthetic appeal, and are carefully engineered to complement modern decor and living habits.

For instance, many radiator suppliers now offer a personalised colour matching service. Choosing a bold accent shade can help incorporate the radiator into your scheme and create a pop of interest, while using the same hue as your walls will ensure it blends in perfectly. Some feature intricate patterns designed to be displayed like artwork.

It’s worth taking the radiator’s shape into consideration, too. Flat panel radiators will fit seamlessly along walls without individual pipes breaking your eyeline, creating a sleek look.

Designer radiator with copper backbone by DQ Heating

Trendy copper detailing forms the backbone of this unusual modern towel rail by DQ Heating. The looped design allows space for plenty of towels to dry. Available in three different sizes and colourways. Prices start from £372

Towel radiator designer by the heating boutique

The HB Signature Elektra in grey has a simple, fuss-free vibe with chunky, regimented towel rails. Pair it with matching bathroom taps and shower fittings for a striking modern look. It’s available in three sizes and costs from £185 at The Heating Boutique

For radiators’ designs with bars, today’s curved options give a chic update to a more traditional profile while squared off tubes provide angular, sophisticated edges.

Wide, chunky styles can help to make a big statement while delicate, narrow types have a minimalist feel.

Newer radiators have practical benefits as well, utilising form and material to provide the best possible performance.

Designer radiator by Aeon

Modern steel meets a touch of Eastern influence in the Aeon Bamboo corner radiator. Perfect for those determined to make an impact with their interiors. This statement piece comes in a brushed matt or polished finish and is also available in a flat design. It costs from £2,839

Vertical radiator by Frontline

Minimalistic narrow tubes give the Geneva radiator by Frontline Bathrooms a muted feel. Its vertical design, plus the addition of a full length mirror, makes it a great choice for bathrooms and other compact zones. It’s also available in anthracite and is priced at £385

If space is limited, a vertical radiator could be best. This will take up wall height rather than length, which is great for small or awkwardly shaped rooms. Some even have integrated mirrors, providing coveted multipurpose functionality for compact homes.

The improved energy-efficiency of windows, thanks to newer glazing techniques, means we don’t need to put radiators directly below them, which gives more design and layout flexibility.

Opting for a statement shape like a column or corner piece can give your room some real wow factor, transforming your radiator into a stunning architectural feature.

Blok radiator, shown here in traffic blue, by Bisque

Blok radiator, shown here in traffic blue, by Bisque

Keep the choice of material in mind when making your selection, too. Aluminium, steel and glass radiators all have different qualities as heat conductors, meaning some retain warmth for longer. Make certain to consider whether your preferred style comes in the best form for your room’s needs before purchasing.

Buying designer radiators in the UK – Expert advice

Ellie Sawdy, from designer radiator brand Bisque, gives us the lowdown on how to
keep your home heated in style.

What are the key considerations to choose designer radiators for my home?

Think about the sort of environment the radiator is going to be in. The room size will help you calculate how many British Thermal Units (BTUs) or watts you will need – larger areas will require a higher number of BTUs.

It’s also good to consider the amount of wall space you have available. A vertical radiator might be more appropriate than horizontal if space is an issue, for instance; or if you want to install your radiator on a narrower wall.

When positioning, don’t feel limited to where your pipes are currently set.

Cesano column radiator by The Radiator Company

Cesano column radiator by The Radiator Company

How should I choose the right material for my radiator?

If you’re installing a radiator somewhere where there’s a lot of moisture in the air, like a bathroom, then it’s best to opt for a stainless steel design so it doesn’t rust.

RadArt by The Glass Radiator Company

RadArt by The Glass Radiator

For open plan areas, aluminium is a good choice because it’s quick to respond to heat, so warms up the space very quickly.

How much do designer radiators cost?

The cost depends on if you’re looking solely at the practical considerations or if you would like a design in a special colour or finish.

Carre Horizontal by MHS Radiators

Carre Horizontal by MHS Radiators

Radiator and Bathroom Gallery

Splash Radiator and Bathroom Gallery

If you take advantage of our bespoke made-to-measure sizes or the colour matching service, these extra details will add more value to the final product. Our off-the-shelf radiators are priced from £284 with bespoke designs priced individually.

How can a radiator or towel rail be turned into a focal design feature?

Depending on what will work alongside your interiors, perhaps have your radiator colour matched to your style or opt for a bespoke hue to really stand out.

We offer special finishes such as etched copper and brass; each one is individually acid edged, making it unique. We also offer a rustic finish, which is hand painted and includes oxidisation, again, meaning that no two radiators will ever be the same.

Knockonwood veneered low-temp radiator by Jaga

Knockonwood veneered low-temp radiator by Jaga

If you’re looking to achieve a contemporary or modern look, there are options like the Bisque Archibold, which features a curved design that looks like a coat hanger, creating an unusual feature in your bathroom space.

What would you say are the most popular designer radiators right now?

Our classic column model never seems to go out of fashion. It suits traditional and contemporary interiors, whether your home has an industrial edge or you favour a more Scandinavian vibe.

I would say that trends are definitely moving away from the standard white look now there are so many options on the market. People are realising you don’t have to have a plain or neutral radiator; you can go bold and opt for something more exciting.

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