Floating stairs

Floating treads and low iron glass are integral to the design of this feature staircase. Glass balustrades and open risers allow a view through the staircase to the garden beyond.

The laminated balustrades form both structure and handrails to the stair. As a result, the staircase has a clean minimal appearance with a view around the living area.

The stair itself sits on two feature plinths with concealed lighting. The illumination casts a halo of light and visually “lifts” the stair off the floor. The first-floor landing gallery includes a 9m long balustrade. Fins of laminated glass rise from the landing noses without visible fixings.

This means there is minimal visual impact when viewed from below. We used low iron glass for crystal clear visibility. Low iron glass has less of a green tint than standard glass, where it is especially noticeable around the edges and when against pale walls.

A combination of floating treads and glass never fail to impress. Ask about incorporating these materials into your own design!

Please quote 4359 if enquiring about this staircase.

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