Dan-wood custom home

Bill and Jess Ogg already owned a plot of land with a business on it, and when they saw the Dan-Wood three-bedroom Classic 184E they knew immediately that it was perfect for their needs.

The handsome two-storey detached house in Fife sits alongside the Ogg’s livery stable business that they run with their daughter.

“We didn’t really have a vision of our ideal home,” says Bill, a retired industrial chemist. “But Dan-Wood caught our eye straight away and, as well as offering plenty of different designs to choose from, we were very impressed with the energy-efficiency and quality standards of construction.”

The Dan-Wood Classic 184E has an exceptionally large open-plan living/dining area of over 56m² which opens to the outside. It also has a large hall with a statement staircase, a master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe area, a family room and a sitting room with a balcony.

The Ogg’s wanted a house that was light and airy with plenty room for family gatherings. But they also wanted to keep their utility bills to a minimum, which was achieved with the installation of a ground source heat pump to supply hot water for both personal use and for the underfloor heating.

“Because the heating is so efficient, we’re able to receive rebates from the government for using renewable energy technology,” says Bill.

Although the Oggs were involved in the overall design and management, they were very pleased to have a dedicated Dan-Wood project manager who kept them up-to-date with each stage of the build process. Once the components were delivered to the Ogg’s plot, construction of the house was completed in six weeks.

“The house was wind and watertight within three days of the build starting – that really impressed us! We wanted the house built quickly and we weren’t disappointed.”

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