Metal gutter

The Krop Stal metal gutter system is a coated metal gutter that is resistant to corrosion, weather conditions, extreme temperatures, as well as mechanical and dynamic loads. The aim
also was to make the assembly easy for the installer.

Details such as the edge of the gutters turned inwards and a special clamp ensure full tightness and stability of the system even in difficult conditions . Steel gutters elegantly and universally complement any type of roofing, regardless of the general style and character of the building.

The Krop Stal comes with a 40 year warranty and

• High durability
• Protective coating
• Anti-corrosion
• Mechanical strength
• Simple assembly
• Versatility High
• elasticity

This makes it a visually and structurally advanced Guttering System that still is affordable and
does not come with the installation difficulties of traditional metal guttering. Krop Stal metal gutters are made of high quality steel, coated with four protective layers:.

Zinc – applied directly to steel – protects the material against corrosion.
Passivation layer – ensures good adhesion of the primer paint.
Primer – increases anti-corrosive properties and improves the adhesion of the organic layer.
Organic coating – provides final resistance and aesthetics of the steel gutter.

Thanks to the protective layers, the steel gutter system has greater resistance to harmful weather conditions and resistance to mechanical damage.

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