Galvanised Steel guttering is the most affordable of the metal rainwater systems. Ideal for heritage or contemporary properties.

Galvanised steel gutters are smart, stylish, eco-friendly, sustainable drainage system. 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life. The popular choice in Europe for many years, like uPVC has been the default choice in the UK.

It is in the design possibilities which also sets them apart. The look of zinc coated galvanised steel is in synergy with more overtly modern designs, for example. And in addition to the plain galvanised version itself – there are seven colour-coated finishes available. Whether you want the rainwater system to blend in with the building material or stand out in contrast, or match with window frame & door colours (they can also make use of a matching service where virtually any colour can be matched) the possibilities are far greater with galv steel.

The durability of metal rainwater systems is clearly a huge selling point, with the galvanised steel that we supply enjoying a manufacturer guarantee of 15 years. In many locations, however, this could easily be extended to a lifetime of 25 years, especially if it is colour coated.

If you think that the process of fitting metal is inherently more complex, then think again. Galvanised steel can all be cut with a hacksaw, in just the same way that plastic would be, and a DIYer or general builder of any competence can easily handle an installation. We also supplies a range of resources, including installation guides and videos.

Galvanised steel gutters are the closest in price to plastic, but their longevity, visual appeal, and environmental credentials make them so much better suited to any project: traditional or contemporary, custom build or renovation.

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