Roof Maker

Our Modular Rooflight system is triple glazed as standard and allows you to create a larger design by joining multiple glass panels together. Minimal steel supports strengthen the structure without compromising the flow of light.

Think creatively

Choose a configuration that works for you, the flexibility of the system lends itself to solving many design and build issues. Modular Rooflights are perfect if you are challenged by an unusual space or constrained by building regulations.

You can cover a large area by creating a rooflight system up to 10 metres long and 2 metres wide – this is far larger than standard rooflights. Designed for flat roofs, a Modular Rooflights sit flat to your roof and are barely visible at ground level.

Fitted by Manufacturer for peace of mind

You can choose our professional installation service to ensure a hassle-free fitting process. Alternatively, we will deliver your Modular Rooflight flat packed if you would like to fit it yourself, our comprehensive technical guides are user friendly.

Quality that will last!

With over 21 years of rooflight design and manufacturing in the UK, we pride ourselves on delivering high performance products that will stand the test of time.  All our products are also backed by a 20-year unit seal warranty – one of the longest in the industry.

Choosing the right rooflight is an important decision, so we are happy to help you through this process. Each order is tailor-made, so you get exactly what you want in terms of size, tints, glazing options and frame colour. Unlike many of our competitors we work to internal measurements, so you get more glass for your money.

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