Showerscape offers a range of landscape themes including forests, coastal and nature based images that we know work brilliantly in any bathroom. The impression that a full-height image makes in a room is transformational. It’s a statement, making even the smallest of rooms feel bigger. It’s not just a wall, it’s a view – just think where you’d like to be every time you take a shower!

Wide range of sizes and configurations

Our Standard Designs are available in a range of panel widths and heights to fit typical shower tray sizes, or full walls. These can be set up to be used as single feature walls, or to wrap around 2, 3 or more panels to create a seamless panoramic image. Available at up to 2m wide as a single panel – meaning fewer joins and minimal visual interruption.

Quick and easy to fit

Our panels are perfectly suitable for DIY fitting by competent customers, with comprehensive fitting instructions. With a single panel taking up a large area in one go, it’s also far quicker and often more cost effective than tiling. Panels can be easily trimmed and drilled to fit perfectly.

Engineered to last

Our panels are made of a tough aluminium and plastic composite ‘sandwich’ that is inherently 100% waterproof, so won’t swell, rust, or degrade over time. What’s more, it’s UK made and is fully recyclable at the end of its long life.

Over the UV cured printed image, we finish our panels with a durable, abrasion resistant and easy cleaning hardcoat finish to enhance protection and colour durability to your panels. No grout to go mouldy, no texture to scrub clean.

  • Scale design and visuals supplied for approval
  • Single or multiple panel image wrap
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Order a sample on our website

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