Woodburning stove in oak frame extension

When Katie and David Pearce bought a 1930s house in 2012, they knew it was in need of substantial works to become the home they were after. After an initial refurbishment, stage two got underway in 2018 when they added an oak frame extension.

The project revolved around modifying the existing extensions – two low, flat roof additions positioned either side of the original building – and creating more of an open-plan living space.

“We wanted a larger living area with a woodburner as we don’t have a fireplace in the house, although there’s a small stove in the kitchen,” says Katie. A new UFH setup was installed in the oak room – a wet Heatmeister system, connected to the existing boilers.

Woodburning stove installation

Katie and David were looking for a stove design that offered a wide view of the flames at a low level.

“Stovax’s Studio Freestanding woodburner was ideal because it came with the option of a heatproof back plate that would protect the oak frame and glass from heat,” says Katie. “We’ve been told not to use it too much for a year or so to allow the green oak to dry out.”

The tiler created the hearth and the suppliers of the oak frame incorporated the exit for the flue in their design. As the ceiling is very high, they needed scaffolds and ladders to build it in.

“At first they fitted the top of the flue through the roof, then installed the stove and connected it up,” says Katie.

“The installer was worried about fixing it to the floor with brackets because of the UFH, so they’ve fixed it to the frame instead. The installation was very quick – probably only a day and a half’s work.”

Situated in the middle of a large glazed elevation, the stove makes a striking focal feature for the new room. It cost approximately £4,650 including installation.

“If you’re considering this feature then look at all the choices for hearths, flue width and where you want the heat transmitted,” says Katie. “We found there are lots of options you don’t expect.”

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