Can I Put a Shipping Container House on a Small Plot?

9 August 2021
by David Brown

I am buying a small plot of land (about 0.07 acre). It has a great outlook over the coast. Can I put a shipping container residential building onto it, and what is the maximum size under PD? It would be part of my new company to show the benefits of using renewables such as MVHR, solar PV and thermal, possibly ASHP. With the aim of putting in renewables, would a council be a little more forgiving???

One Answer

  1. Chris says:

    Hi David. In general, uses like sheds, garages and some types of home office can quality for permitted development (PD rights). But for the kind of use you appear to be describing, you would almost certainly need full planning permission. The coastal location might also be subject to special designations (e.g. if it’s an area of outstanding natural beauty) that would underpin the need to secure consent. The best thing you can do is to approach your council for some preliminary advice – if things look positive, you could apply for a Lawful Development Certificate to confirm that your project conforms to the rules.

    Best wishes,

    Chris (editor, Build It)

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