Permitted Development

5 October 2016


The permitted development rule is rather confusing for a 2 storey detached house.

I would like to extend at the rear part of my 2 storey detached house. I would like to build a 2 storey extension at the rear end of the property. I understand we are allowed up to 3 meter without planning approval, can we extend up to 4.5 meters without planning approval??

Please kindly give me more advice on Permitted development for 2 storey detached house.



Generally, a two storey extension can be built 3 metres out from the original rear wall of a detached house. The width is determined by the width of the original wall or walls from which the extension is built. There is a useful and quite detailed guide to permitted development (PD) extensions which you can find here:

Given that interpretation of PD rules can be quite complex – there are areas of uncertainty and a large number of criteria and provisos – it is always advisable to seek a certificate of lawfulness from the council prior to embarking on a major PD project.

Mike Dade (Build It Expert)

11 October 2016
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