Planning advice

oak frame self-build
What are they and how do they work? Mike Dade looks into when planning obligations can be helpful and when they can become a project burden
Snug Architects contemporary home
Even the best-laid plans can face objections. Mike Dade reveals the tricks and tips that will help you overcome resistance to your design from planners, neighbours and more
Tudor Style Home
Building materials, parking arrangements, landscaping and the welfare of wildlife are just a few of the areas where restrictions could be imposed on your planning permission. Here, Mike Dade explains how to tackle them
wooded plot with planning permission
Getting planning consent for the perfect scheme can be a major stumbling block on the road to a successful project. Mike Dade shares the secrets that will give you the best possible chance of winning approval
workshop conversion
Keen to create a bespoke home in a built-up area? Mike Dade reveals the wealth of opportunities that could fit the bill – from infill plots to office and shop conversions
stone-clad Passivhaus
Mike Dade zones in on what makes a self build project sustainable in the planners’ eyes – and what it means for your application
Taking on a project under permitted development rights could save you time, money and trouble, says Mike Dade
minimalist modern eco home
Gaining consent to build your ideal home on the right plot can be a daunting process. Mike Dade reveals some of the most common pitfalls self builders encounter at the planning stages – and gives his tips on how to beat them
sketch of self build scheme
Councils are advised to discuss schemes with self builders and renovators prior to the formal planning process – but is pre-app all it’s cracked up to be? Mike Dade investigates
converted grade 2 listed forge
Alan Tierney gives us the lowdown on what it means if your home, or one you’re looking to buy, has listed building status


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