Planning advice

modern kitchen and conservatory
Permitted development rights allow you to undertake some significant building works without having to apply for planning consent, says Mike Dade
House with large extension
Build It looks at recent planning policy changes and what they mean for your self build or renovation project
What is the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
The CIL is a new charge levied on development - but what does it mean for your self build budget?
Thinking of purchasing a home in a conservation area? Mike Dade explains the planning basics
Before you get your planning application together, be sure to consider how trees on site could affect your project, says Mike Dade
Period homes are packed full of character and history, but can throw up plenty of planning challenges
The Moorheads' contemporary self build
Mike Dade reveals why it's important to get to know your local council's policies
Planning policy and garden housing development
Mike Dade looks at the latest planning reforms - and explains why gardens are still up grabs
This new build home won support from neighbours
How to get the council on your side when trying to get planning permission for a self-build project
Community Infrastructure Levy and other self build costs
As well as standard application fees, several other costs are involved in planning, says Mike Dade


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