Crendon I-joist

These structurally engineered timber joists are used in many new homes. They are made from a web sandwiched between top and bottom flanges, which is glued, pressed and heat cured. The I-shaped cross- section gives them their name, but also means they can carry far heavier loads than a conventional timber joist of equivalent weight.

Crendon Timber Engineering offer James Jones JJI Joists from stock, which are available in a range of depths and thicknesses in lengths up to 14m and offer a very cost-effective alternative to solid timber for floor joists and flat roof members, eliminating the shrinkage, splitting, and warping common in traditional floors. For all projects Crendon provide:

  • Trusses packaged to suit customer’s on-site programme.
  • Clear drawings pack with each delivery.
  • Labelled to site requirements to assist in site erection.
  • A commitment to ensure safety on-site.

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