“When I bought the house, it had a very small kitchen and the boiler and utility facilities were in an outhouse in the garden which wasn’t ideal. The plan was for an internal utility and although this was the main driver for the extension, I also wanted a modern, sociable open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area to entertain family and friends.

“Anyone building an extension wants it done as quickly as possible to minimise mess and hassle and this was even truer for me, as I was in the midst of a complete house renovation – so the fact that hup! can be built in days was a massive benefit. The energy efficiency was also a huge factor for choosing hup! as I wanted to create a large open plan space which I knew could be tricky to heat etc if I didn’t get the build right. hup! is five times more energy efficient than the average UK home and all of the materials used exceed Building Regulation requirements.”

“hup! allowed me to have a quick and easy build and I am so pleased that it was available for me to use for my extension. As well as looking amazing, the hup! technology offered many benefits during the build – the boiler is housed in the utility and I needed a quick build turnaround as the house was without heating/hot water until I had a solid watertight structure.

By using hup! the build was watertight within just 2.5 days, and I was able to reinstall the boiler whilst still working on the external finishes. The Ultrapanels used within the hup! walls are slimmer than traditional brick and mortar builds so I was able to maximise the internal space.

I love the full height glazing panels and the flexibility of where I could place them. I am absolutely thrilled with how the hup! extension has transformed my home and can’t recommend the system enough. The glazed panels bring in tons of light, I have the all-important internal boiler/utility and I love entertaining in the beautiful new space.”

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