Black roof

Panels with a click seam are much easier and faster to assemble than more traditional systems thanks to the unique click technology. This advantage also allows the use of this type of product as cladding panels, ensuring a unique look.

Standing seam sheet with the specially designed snap lock allows for a quick and reliable
installation without the need for specialist tools, while maintaining high strengths. Furthermore, the location of the mounting holes along the seam means that the screws are covered by the adjacent panel.

This allows you to create a roof with contemporary aesthetics without visible fixings. All together the Blachotrapez Click offers faster Installation while still giving the look of
a traditional Zinc Standing Seam roof.

At the same time, we are using only the most advanced Steel and coating products by Tata, ThyssenKrupp, AcelorMittal and USS in order to provide customers with a wide choice of styles and warranties.

There are 3 main options for our Standing Seam Panels with a variety of widths in each option. Each option again has a choice of up to 10 coatings with a variety of colours for each coating. The product range is finished with a matching flashing kit that comes either with standard measurements or is done to our customers specifications matching the individual needs of the project.

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