Join us at the Potton Self Build Show Centre and have your questions answered at our ‘Ask a self build expert’ event. So if you need advice from people who live, work and breathe self build then be sure to come along.

Meet with the Potton team and pose your questions relating to design, planning, finding a plot or the practical process of building your own home. We’ll also have specialist self build mortgage advisors on hand to help with any financial queries you have, or for general advice on buying a plot, how self build mortgages work and financing your build.

Take part in our mini seminars covering a range of self build topics, to be held throughout the day. These will be presented by our self build experts and will give you a taste of what our full workshops offer. You can also take a look at the forthcoming events calendar and sign up for any workshops or courses that interest you – they’re all free.

Pre-book your appointments with our professionals and join us for ‘Ask a self build expert’ events happening throughout the year. You’re sure to come away with a wealth of knowledge and advice you can use in your self build project.

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