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The Project: Laura, from Wokingham, faced a dilemma after purchasing a three-bedroom, three-storey terraced house, discovering that the property’s two existing rooflights leaked during the first rainfall. With repairing the old rooflights impractical and structural alterations to the roof openings undesirable, Laura sought replacements of identical dimensions.

The Requirements: Positioned on a flat roof, the existing rooflights sat over the bathroom and the stairwell connecting the second and third floors. As unforeseen expenses, Laura aimed to find alternatives matching the original sizes to avoid costly structural modifications. However, upon examination, it became evident that the existing units were non-standard, necessitating bespoke solutions.

The Solution: Laura contacted National Domelight Company (NDC), a sister company of Rooflights & Skylights. Drawing on NDC’s expertise in providing custom-made solutions for both residential and commercial properties, Laura received invaluable guidance and recommendations remotely. Considering the central placement and dimensions of the rooflights, NDC suggested bespoke polycarbonate units as a cost-effective solution

The chosen solution was the Stardome polycarbonate rooflight with a thermally enhanced PVC adaptor kerb and manual hinged ventilation, offering superior natural light transmission and thermal efficiency. For maximum daylight, the stairwell rooflight featured a clear finish, while the bathroom rooflight was specified with a diffused finish to ensure privacy for Laura and her family while evenly dispersing light, even on overcast days. Both units were custom-made and delivered to the site for installation by the roofing contractor on the same day.

The Conclusion: Despite the unexpected nature of the purchase, Laura is satisfied with her new bespoke rooflights, particularly appreciating the support and guidance provided by NDC during this challenging procurement.

“Rooflights weren’t on my radar when I moved in. Yet, when the existing ones caused leaks, they became my top concern. Ordering bespoke products can be daunting, especially when its unexpectedly, but NDC provided reassurance and made this nerve-wracking experience manageable. I’m thrilled with my bespoke rooflights and the service I received.”

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