Techno Metal Post helical piles can provide foundations for a wide range of applications, spanning from small-scale private projects, such as extensions, to larger residential projects, such as offsite modular buildings. Techno Metal Post’s helical piles serve as foundations for any kind of structural beams, whether it be wood, steel or concrete.

Why do clients come to us?

  • Simpler and quicker – Possibility to build immediately, without the hassles of soil removal, digging holes or pouring concrete.
  • Efficient and affordable – Competitive price compared to traditional concrete foundations. No excavation required and no need to wait for the concrete to cure.
  • Low footprint and sustainable – 80% less embodied carbon (CO2) than an equivalent concrete base. Helical piles can also be removed and reused.
  • Easy access in tight spaces – Installation is made possible, regardless of whether the location has limited access, or the terrain is uneven and sloped.

When you request a helical pile foundation for your residential, commercial, or industrial project, Techno Metal Post engineering department can partner with architects and structural engineers, and assist with feasibility checks, preliminary design, and the proposal of helical pile placement. It will also advise on the best type of piles, based on your project and soil type, and on the adequate depth of installation to ensure the required load-bearing capacity for the structural loads.

Techno Metal Post’s helical piles are certified by BBA and guaranteed according to building standards.

Our network of dealers and certified installers ensures swift service delivery. Thanks to our cutting-edge installation machines, we can execute tasks rapidly without compromising the accuracy and precision of the installation process.

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