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Jackoboard are one of the leading manufacturers of XPS (extruded polystyrene foam) solutions offering a wide range of XPS foam insulation boards, wet room trays and building board solutions.

Designed & manufactured in Germany, market leading Jackoboard Plano construction boards, building system and wet room trays are water-repellent and easy to work with. Finished with a special coating, they are ready to be tiled, rendered or plastered.

Wetrooms Online supply both the Jackoboard Aqua Line (linear / channel drain) and Aqua Flat (square drain) wet room shower trays. Both the Aqua line & Aqua Flat trays are manufactured from XPS foam, with a special cementitious layer being ready to accept tiles. The inbuilt fall to the fast flow drain (supplied), ensures even the water from the most powerful shower drains away effortlessly. The XPS core of the tray, is lightweight yet strong and fully waterproof. Under-boarding for support is required.

The Aqua Line Linear is supplied with a stainless-steel drain cover as standard, that can be tiled if reversed. The Aqua Flat has a pressed stainless-steel cover as standard, which can be upgraded to a tiled version or other designs.

Available in a range of sizes, and drain positions, both trays are suitable for use in timber or concrete screed floors, making them perfect for new build or renovation projects. The excellent thermal insulation properties make the trays ideal to be used with underfloor heating systems. The trays have a 20 year manufacturers guarantee in addition to being BBA certified.

View the full range of Jackoboard Wet Room Shower Tray range here.

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