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Effective waterproofing / tanking is crucial to the success and lifespan of every wet room. It is critical that all areas of the room, that could come in contact with water from the shower is fully sealed to prevent leaks that will cause damage, be costly to repair and shorten the lifespan of the wet room.

Waterproofing / tanking of the floor (and walls) is achieved by using a tanking kit. There are two main types available:

  1. Liquid Tanking such as the Jackoboard Wet Room Waterproofing Tanking Kit – this is a paint on solution that contains primer, sealing tap (for joins etc) and a liquid solution that requires no mixing and is painted on with a roller. Can be applied to all flat or vertical surfaces made of any material. Simple to use for novices and experts alike. Suitable for both the waterproofing of floors and walls. Safe to use in conjunction with underfloor heating.
  2. Membrane Tanking such as Impey Waterguard or AKW FormSafe. These are physical membranes that are laid onto of the floor before tiling. Whilst suitable for use with underfloor heating, maximum wattage limits such be observed were specified. Although particularly suited to floor applications Waterguard & FormSafe can also be applied to walls as an additional precaution. However, there is a maximum weight limit. Once installed these membranes can be tiled immediately.

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