Finding Someone to Render Our Home

1 January 2020
by Susan Jones

We are looking for someone to externally render a large timber frame house with something like Parex. We live in Cambridgeshire. They would need to board it first.

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  1. Lucy Aplin says:


    The Federation of Master Builders are a great resource if you are looking for a credible, UK-based labourer to help with your project.

    This article, titled How to Get Render Right may also be of help.

    Lucy (Build It Digital Assistant Editor)

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Susan,

    Rendering usually falls under the remit of the plasterer – so our guide to Finding a Plasterer may be useful for you!

    As you’re intending to use a modern Parex render, however, you need to be sure that the trade you appoint is comfortable and experienced with this material.

    Some plasterers simply don’t like modern thin-coat and one-coat products, and prefer working with traditional cement.

    Nevertheless, there are plenty of companies who specialise in external wall insulation and render – so you should be able to find some good local or regional installers either through recommendations from friends & family or via services like the FMB as Lucy pointed out above.

    One example of an insulation and render specialist is Prestige Energy, who applied the silicone render for Build It’s recently-completed Self Build Education House. You may wish to contact them as part of your search for the right installer.

    It’s always a wise move to shortlist several companies so you can compare quotes and understand who will offer the best quality and value for money on your project.

    All the best with your build,

    Chris (Editor, Build It magazine)

  3. Jeremy Snyder says:

    I don’t know Parex, but have used Jub a silicone based render and of course there is K Rend, however I would never use a plasterer to render a house we did it once and regretted it within 3 months. Plasterers can just about plaster inside, outside no chance.

    A company that specialises in a silicone render is the way to go, perfectly flat, does not crack, it can be cleaned and you will have the perfect finish for years to come.

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