How to Keep Planning Permission Alive

4 September 2019

My planning permission for a house in my garden was granted on the 26th October 2016. Since then, and for various unforeseen reasons, we still haven't started the build.

We are now only 2 months away from the deadline and obviously I would very much like to keep my permission alive! I would really like to know what the minimum amount of required work is.

One Answer

  1. Mike Dade says:

    A key question here is whether the planning permission contains any ‘pre-commencement’ conditions – that is, conditions that require submission of information and agreement of the council – before the works commence. If so, you need to apply to get those conditions cleared immediately. Assuming any pre-commencement conditions are sorted out, then only relatively minor works can constitute a start to the works that would keep the permission alive. These, known as ‘material operations’ include the digging of part of a foundation trench, the laying of an underground pipe to the foundations or the trench and any work involving commencing to layout out or construct the access. Ensure you record commencement, inform the council, and get them to confirm they acknowledge that commencement has taken place.

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