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When Suzi and Gareth bought their 1960s house it didn’t have a lot of character and was a mish-mash of different styles and random extensions. However, as an architect, Suzi could see its potential — so they decided to buy the property and transform it.

One of the rooms they wanted to look at was the north-east facing flat-roof extension, which, despite its large format windows, felt very dark and enclosed.

Transforming the extension

As the couple wanted to transform this extension into a kitchen and entertaining space, they knew that it was paramount to let more light into the room.

They considered adding roof lanterns, which didn’t feel right for what they were trying to achieve, so instead they decided on a vaulted roof with a gable, incorporating four large Luxlite triple glazed pitched rooflights – two fixed and two with an electric hinged opening for ventilation to maximise the amount of overhead glass.

Easy installation

Roof Maker’s detailed instructions and drawings meant that with careful planning and suitable lifting equipment, the installation itself was quick, clean and easy.

Suzi said: “We’ve specified lots of different rooflight manufacturers in the past and Roof Maker — through from customer service to the actual final product and installation — were just above the rest.”

Gareth added: “I think when you see these in comparison to others, they’re frameless, essentially… so they just look better.”

The result

The vaulted ceiling has given the room height and grandeur and the addition of rooflights has flooded the space with natural daylight.

Gareth said, “This is where we spend most of our time and where we love being. You can socialise, you can cook and you can look after the little one at the same time. Everything happens in this space.”

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