Design tweaks for a dream home

by Gill Deeks
28th November 2010

When you’re nearly finished with a self build project, take the time to make sure you’re happy with all your decoration choices.

Out in the entrance hall we decided to change the wall colour from its lemon yellow, which I just didn’t like, to Citron (colour 75) from Farrow & Ball.

There’s more of a difference than the name suggests, and even though it’s slightly more expensive, there’s a finesse that you just don’t get with other paints.

Once that was done, we downed tools for a month’s break and went on a Mediterranean Cruise. It was on the cruise that we picked up some old wall candle holders at a flea market in Athens for just €50 a pair.

The holiday gave us the momentum to get on and finish the upstairs. I have already brought the fabric for the curtains in each of the rooms and with a bit of luck and a lick of paint we hope to be finished in a month or so.

After that, I’m hoping to set up my own postal design service to help other people get the look for their new home – and save money too! I’ve loved the process so much and feel that now this project is drawing to a close, I should put the years of experience in renovation and design to good use.

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