Can I self build a bungalow on my garden plot?

25 February 2015

There is a plot of land belonging to our house opposite our front door. It is surrounded by other houses but with full access from the street. The land on out title deeds quotes LAND BELONGING TO our address. It has inherently been used as a garden and we store our caravan on it too. Will the council view this as a garden?

We are looking at building a bungalow due to my disability.


Whether or not the council regards this land as part of your garden should have little bearing on whether it is considered suitable for building.

If it’s been used as garden for over ten years, then it has acquired a lawful garden use in any case. Unless it serves some function in terms of public amenity, for example being an attractive open space within a built up environment, then it may well be suitable for building provided it is within an area where the council’s policies allow small scale housing developments.

As to specifically whether a bungalow might be acceptable, this would depend on whether a bungalow would fit in with prevailing building styles in the vicinity. As a rule it’s much easier to put a bungalow amongst houses than a house amongst bungalows.

The way forward would be to seek pre-application advice from your local council.

Mike Dade, Planning Consultant & Build It magazine contributor

3 March 2015


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28 February 2017
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