Disabled access

9 April 2017

I am informed that I must put a ramp in place to allow disabled access, not happy about this at this time in our lives, maybe later.
Is there an alternative ie can a mobile ramp be brought into play


Inclusive access requirements are covered in Part M, while Part K of the Building Regulations now deals with the design of steps and ramps. In essence, at least one door on the entrance level of the property has to have level access to facilitate access by those using mobility aids. You might want to look at other entrances, rather than the front door, because back doors and even patio doors could fit the bill. Part M does allow some discretion and in certain circumstances steps with a rise of no more than 150mm could be allowed so it is worth discussing the options with your building control officer. However, if they insist on a ramp and a level threshold, then you will be obliged to comply. You won’t be allowed to put in a temporary structure, it will have to be properly constructed to Part K details.

Mike Hardwick (Build It expert)

12 April 2017
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