How can I get my electrics certified?

2 December 2016
by cesca

In 2006 I applied for building approval for moving the kitchen to another area of my flat. A council surveyor did two inspections before the works were completed. I was told that a Part P electrical certificate was necessary before getting a final approval. And here is the problem: I never got the Part P installation certificate as the guy who did the job disappeared. A registered electrician who made some adjustments in 2012 never gave me a certificate (I stupidly payed him before getting it).

I have been told that only the electrician who carried out the works (in my case in 2006) can supply “an installation certificate”, and this of course makes sense but is not possible. And that a “periodic inspection report” is not enough.

More importantly I was told by the council that I cannot apply for regularisation as I DID apply for the Building Control.

I would like to sell my flat and I think it might be a problem not having the building approval. I am stressed and worried.

Not sure if it matters: I recently bought the share of freehold and the floorplan of the flat shows the kitchen where it is now, not where it was before the works.

I hope someone finds some time to reply to me. Thank you so much in any case.


I’m afraid there’s no easy solution, given that you’re unable to track down the original electrician. You could try putting the flat on the market and hope that no one asks for the certificate, but to my mind any solicitor worth their salt will pick up on the work done and request certification. If they do, it’s one for Building Control to advise how to proceed. If they won’t issue a regularisation certificate, you might just have to get it recertified under Part P, but they would have to tell you what they would want to see to do this and they would most likely charge full market rate for the work.

Mike Hardwick (Build It expert)

2 December 2016

Thanks Mike. Not sure if it’s ok to post here a query for your reply.

You mention the buyer’s solicitor can pick up on the work done. Do you mean when he’s checking the Land Registry? The floor plan supplied with the Deed of Variation (having bought a share of freehold, I now have a different leasehold) is the current one. But there is also a reference to the leasehold of 28 years ago, when the floor plan was different.

Once again I apologize and maybe this query is not for this website.


2 December 2016

A solicitor would almost certainly come across the building regulations approval that you applied for and would see that an installation certificate was never issued.

Andrew Hobbs (Build It’s Digital Assistant Editor)

5 December 2016
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