How can I Start a Community New Build?

12 July 2019
by Archive User


I am looking for advice, really.

I should say first I love you magazine - buy every copy and been to 5 of your shows and was blown away by them.

I have a budget of about £200,000 at the most and my job is furniture designer and I so want a house that is not a box, but I realize on my own I can achieve very little.

But I have an idea of getting together say 6-8 like minded people with the same budget and doing a collective build.

I live in Cheshire currently and land is insanely expensive but Shropshire, which is next to us, is so much more reasonable.

Between us we could buy a nice piece of land for say £500,000, plenty big enough for 8 homes. Leaving around £140,000 budget to build, obviously minus all the utility hook ups.

I think collectively we could build a great place to live and a home that reflects the personality of the owner... and at a price that is affordable.

My question is, have you got any advice on how I can get this idea out to the wider public?

There must be so many people like me out there, creative and full of ideas but don't make the BIG BUCKS.

Any advice what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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