Introducing Lifestiles Reclamation Tiles – the perfect blend of history and innovation! For years, tile manufacturers have attempted to capture the diverse colours and textures of reclaimed tiles, but none have succeeded quite like our Reclamation Mix handcrafted clay tiles.

These tiles boast the authentic texture and shade variations reminiscent of reclaimed tiles, yet they come with all the benefits of brand new tiles manufactured to meet stringent European quality standards.

Forget the hassle of sourcing large batches of reclaimed tiles and matching fittings. With our
Reclamation Mix, you’ll find the perfect blend readily available in our yard, eliminating any delays in your project.

Each tile is carefully packed in pre-blended crates, streamlining the installation process for roofing contractors. Say goodbye to the tedious task of individually blending colours – with Lifestyle Reclamation Tiles, achieving that timeless look has never been easier.

This product won the Build It Award for Best Roofing Product in 2023.

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