Uncomplicated, individual, red. The handmade Woburn Old Red Clay Tile is made the traditional way. All tiles are made with clay local to the works and fired red without needing to enhance the colour with any pigments. Perfect for historic and listed buildings.

Handmade clay plain tiles can be used if the pitch of your roof if between 40˚ and 90 ˚, and are fixed in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice for Slating & Tiling BS 5535: 2014. If your roof is lower than 40˚, get in touch to see what solution we have for you.

All of our tiles comply with C E Marking to British and European Standard BS EN 1304, which legislates for externally tested and verified quality of roof tiles. The tiles are independently tested to the following standards by Lucideon (approved by UKAS and the British Standards Institute):

• Determination of Impermeability: BSEN 539-1:2005 Method 2 & BSEN 1304:2005
• Determination of Flexural Strength: BSEN 538:1994
• Determination of Frost Resistance: BSEN 539-2:2013

Traditional and original. Get your sample.

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