New Prefab System Emerges for Self-Builders

by Andrew Hobbs
25th February 2016

Self-builders in the UK can look forward to greater choice when picking a prefab system for their home. Prefabrication has traditionally offered a low risk, quick-to-build route to a new house. Investor Legal and General (L&G) is now preparing to add ‘fully customisable’ to its list of strengths.

It plans to invest £55m into building a factory near Leeds, with the capacity to produce 3,000 houses per year. It will be able to deliver complete, modifiable homes with finished internal features – from carpets and curtains to white goods and televisions.

L&G intends to offer a design suite which, rather than building to set plans, allows buyers to retain a significant degree of control. Costing just £85 a year to heat, the homes will also be highly energy efficient.

A further £500m will be invested in constructing additional factories across the UK.

While the Government believes that offsite construction as an important part of tackling the housing crisis, it hasn’t had the financial backing in the UK to make a significant impact. This now looks set to change.

However, it remains to be seen how tempting this method will prove to be to self-builders. The customisable nature of L&G’s prefabrication process surely won’t be without added expense. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to think of the potential of a system that combines the strengths of prefabrication with the flexibility of a bespoke home.

The proposition might best serve the nascent custom build market.

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