Should we use brick & block or timber frame to convert a derelict barn?

27 February 2019
by Janine Sheeran

We have planning permission to renovate our derelict barn. The permission stipulates building a frame over the existing dilapidated structure, which sits on a dwarf stone wall.

Does anyone know if it might be possible to build with brick and block over it, rather than with a timber frame?

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  1. Sofia Delgado says:

    Hi Janine,

    It’s not very clear from your question the situation the barn is in. How derelict is it exactly, would you have to knock-down and rebuild? Was the barn originally built in stone or timber frame?

    Barn conversions generally fall under permitted development. However, as you mention this one sits within listed curtilage and you have successfully gained planning permission for the works.

    Any changes you want to make, you will have to submit a new planning application as previously answered by our planning expert.

    I encourage you to get design inspiration from the following articles:

    Barn conversion ideas
    15 steps to a successful barn conversion

    At this stage, my suggestion is that you engage with a professional who is both familiar with your area and barn conversions. As your project is not straight forward, you can benefit from hiring an experienced professional. You will certainly get your value for money by bringing in the right person to discuss your project, as they should help you find the right solutions and avoid mishaps.

    Architects and architectural technologists are a good option, as they can advise you on suitable designs most likely to be approved by planners. You can read more about this here: Choosing an architect.

    Our interview with Emily Barnes on how to find the right designer for your project, has plenty of advise to guide you in finding a suitable professional.

    Best wishes,

    Sofia Delgado – Build It’s digital assistant editor

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