Key Features:

  • Recessed and Plastered In: The Ergovent takes ventilation discreetness to the next level. With a recessed design seamlessly plastered into the ceiling during the building process, say goodbye to visible edges that disrupt the sleek aesthetics of your space.
  • Painted to Perfection: Enhance the harmony of your interior design by choosing the Ergovent. Our air valve is made of high-quality gypsum, allowing it to be painted in the same colour as your ceiling. The result? A flawless, uniform look with only a stylish ring-shaped slot for airflow visible.
  • High-Quality Lifetime Solution: Invest in longevity with Ergovent. Crafted from top-notch materials, our air valves are designed for durability, ensuring a high-quality ventilation solution that stands the test of time.
  • Simple Installation: Streamline your construction or renovation process with Ergovent’s hassle-free installation. Our design facilitates easy integration, making it a convenient choice for builders and homeowners alike.
  • Quiet Solution: Experience ventilation without the noise. Ergovent combines efficiency with tranquillity, providing a quiet solution that complements the serene ambiance of your space.
  • Versatile Designs: Choose the shape that suits your style. Ergovent is available in both square and round designs, allowing you to tailor the ventilation to your aesthetic preferences. (Square design available by order only)
  • Various Connection Sizes: Ergovent caters to your specific needs with a range of connection sizes. Whether it’s 100mm, 125mm, or 160mm, we have you covered, ensuring optimal ventilation for different spaces.

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