Located in Gloucestershire, this house was renovated with flagstones throughout the kitchen and bathroom. Old Mill Flags were laid in the kitchen, and in the bathroom, French Limestone was installed.

The colour scheme throughout this house was pale and neutral in tone, so the flooring needed to match. The colour scheme was very cognisant of traditional farmhouses; earthy and calm tones.

The Old Mill Flags were sandy in colour, with an ombre tone to them, moving from dark to light across the stones. The French Limestone was light and bright in colour, perfect for complementing the darkened skirting boards lining the bottom of the bathroom walls.

The colours of both of these flooring types had a lot of warmth to them, perfect for invoking the feeling of a cozy, well loved family home.

The tiles were placed in the kitchen and the bathroom, for a variety of reasons:

  • Kitchen flooring needs to be durable, and easy to clean, and the Old Mill Flags were a perfect match for such needs. They fit well in the kitchen, and are easy to move across, which suit a kitchen’s heavy traffic needs just fine too.
  • Bathroom floor tiles need to be hardy underneath the repeated use of the facilities, and French Limestone is perfect for adding an authentic tinge to the contemporary bathroom. They’re a perfect fit for a property renovation, including both a classic style and a modern functionality.

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