Floors of Stone Terracotta Tiles

At Floors of Stone, we are specialists in sourcing high quality, timeless flooring that can last for decades. Our rustic, handmade terracotta tiles do not fall short of this.

Our Terracotta range lies at the heart of our collection. With its earthy-red tones and rustic finish, our classic flooring adds bundles of character to any room. It is handmade in Spain and dried out in the sun, meaning that no two pieces are the same – which makes for a true, authentic floor which we love. Sometimes you can even find the occasional paw print in the tiles!

The unique aspect of our Terracotta is it is finished in situ, giving the customer full control over the final appearance of the floor. An antiqued beeswax can be layered up to give a rich, lived in finish. A lighter layer of antiqued beeswax gives the impression of a gently aged floor. If a lighter, redder colour is preferable, then our clear beeswax oil is the perfect alternative.

Our collection features classic square terracotta in 200×200 or 340×340 for larger spaces. This style is extremely popular due to its timeless appeal. We love terracotta so much we have our 200×200 size laid in our Millhouse Kitchen at our Cotes Mill showroom and in deVOL’s New York showroom.

We now have a selection of additional sizes to help our customers create a truly unique feature floor. We have Terracotta Fleur which is a beautiful, classic design and adds an extra bit of interest to any space. We also have Terracotta Parquet which is ideal for a more traditional look.

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