House in snow

Our client wanted to create a stunning 3- bedroom upside down oak frame house, in the hilly parts of Wales, overlooking Snowdon.  Originally the house was designed by an award winning Italian architect, which we adapted to fit the clients style and remodelled to work with an oak frame, with the bedrooms on the ground floor and the kitchen and living area set on the first floor.

We started by cutting into the granite rock side of a hill, where we would house the ground floor, and sitting on top would be the oak framed open plan living and kitchen area.

The ground floor of the property was constructed of concrete blocks and finished with welsh stone; with the rear of the property carved into the side of the hill.

The floors were suspended on steels, which in turn were bolted to the stainless-steel stanchions recessed in the oak frame, whilst the entire ceiling was vaulted, allowing a tremendous amount of light to fill the entire top floor

The main posts of the oak frame were rebated to the underside to accommodate stainless steel stanchions, which were then bolted through the Oak frame post with stainless steel threaded bar and coned nuts, this allow our client to have floor to ceiling glass for the top floor, encompassing a 360 degree view of snowdon.

Finally, the roof of the top floor was finished in welsh slate and all doors and windows were made from African hardwood that was stained to match the internal Oak frame.

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