Heliomotion 2 Panel System

The first system to be installed in the UK was a PV-2, a two panel system in Stroud, Gloucestershire, at premises in Paganhill Lane. It was installed by Greenshop-Solar of Bisley.

Step 1. Digging a 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.7 metre hole and pouring the concrete for the groundworks was completed in about a day. The base plate was inserted into the concrete as it was drying.

Step 2. The 1.5 metre support column was then bolted to the base plate.

Step 3. The tracker unit, inverter and isolator boxes were attached to the column.

Step 4. The frame was assembled in about one hour and attached to the column. Once the frame was in place, the panels were slid into position and fixed, along with the extension rod.

Step 5. The inverter was then connected to the house electrics (fuse board) via an underground cable. Once powered up the unit automatically tracks the sun using the inbuilt GPS software.

Stroud is well known as the home of various environmental, climate change action groups and was one of the first councils to declare a Carbon Neutral 2030 initiative.   It is not surprising that Stroud is where Heliomotion UK is based, and that the first unit is located there, as well as the first PV-6 just outside the town.

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