Island Pellet Stoves Burner

As an alternative to a traditional log wood burner the Lundy 5 burns wood pellets which are poured into the top of the stove, rather than using logs. These pellets are released when required, you should refill this between 1 and 3 days which is dependent upon how often the stove is used (typically a refill will last three evenings). The stove is self-lighting using a remote control or a digital panel and can even be set to turn on at a certain time. There is also no mess to be had with this as the Lundy 5 uses no paper or kindling. Because the stove door is not opened to refuel there is no chance at all of emissions entering the room. Pellets are easy to purchase, easy to store, clean-burning and efficient.

If you are worried about noise, don’t be. There is a novel finned tube which ultimately leads to a quiet operation, therefore no need to shout! It gives a great aesthetic with a real wood flame pattern.

The Lundy 5 also comes with a 5 year Warranty on the steel body.

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