Mirror Infrared Heater

Our Mirror infrared heaters are the perfect solution for energy-efficient heating for you and your property. They become an essential element in any living space: the perfect combination of mirror and infrared.

Our customers love adding them to their bathroom as an elegant focal piece which also saves them space as well. As a bonus to installing in a bathroom, they do not mist up and helps eliminate mould due to the infrared heating objects in the room rather than the air.

Available in four wattages and shapes we can help tailor your infrared heater to your space. Each of the range is beautifully designed, efficient, and easy to clean. A perfect way to personalise your property.

Our heaters are UK manufactured using the latest glass bonding techniques ensuring maximum efficiency and security. Where the glass enables no loss through the back converting 100% of electrical energy to heat.

Making them the most efficient infrared heaters available. As they will be so unique to you, our heaters are not mass produced as some other companies. Our manufactured process ensures premium quality to enhance and add interior decoration to your home or space.

We are confident in the quality of the mirror infrared heaters each one comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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