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Do you really want to take on the upkeep of your timber windows? Painting your windows every few years can seem like a small price to pay for saving money on the purchase of new windows… but is it worth it?

Cladding your timber windows with aluminium will not only extend the overall lifetime of your new windows, but it will also reduce the maintenance needed to just basic cleaning and lubrication. That is much easier than painting!

And since the alucladding has a durable powder coating, the external cladding can have a different colour than the internal timber frame.

In many ways the aluclad window combines the best of two worlds – the warmth and efficiency of the timber windows and the low maintenance and endurance of the aluminium window.

At Klarwindows, we believe in keeping things simple. That is why you can look up prices and order your new Scandinavian windows directly at our website. You can even switch between timber and aluclad to see the difference in price, instantly.

As an example, a 100×100 cm top guided window would cost £47.28 extra as aluclad compared to timber only. (Priced Dec 2020)

More and more industries are going digital – so is the window industry. Klarwindows is a paperless company aiming to change the way you buy your Scandinavian windows and doors. Our online window configurator puts you in the drivers’ seat and allow you to price and order windows much quicker than in the traditional way of manual quotations. On top of that, we have free delivery on all orders and have a typical lead time of 4-5 weeks


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