Link It Solutions - Villa Lari Lighting

Villa Lari Lar is a stunning Mediterranean home in Cyprus, which belongs to an existing client of ours whose London home we had previously set up with a bespoke smart home system.

During consultation our client gave us a concise objective that he wanted a similar user-friendly, intuitive and reliable solution for this villa within his set budget. The requirements included the ability to control the main gate access to the property for entry and exit remotely. A full perimeter CCTV coverage for security had to be accessible on all TV’s and wall panels which would provide complete control giving the client peace of mind.

The client’s love for entertainment dictated the need for a music system that would flawlessly move to multiple rooms at different volumes streaming through the concealed speakers, working hand in hand with the lighting to create the perfect ambience for every occasion.

This home was connected by an Elan home system with a multi-room AV and a robust network, using Luxul multiple access point connected to a wireless controller. This ensured full coverage with a single SSID for seamless roaming. A 39 circuit RAKO lighting system was installed governing both indoor and outdoor lighting. Structured network cabling was designed and installed also extending to the guest house to ensure resources could be shared from the main house.

This beautiful property is not only sophisticated and enjoyable, but  by making it smart we have made relaxation easy for the home owner.

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