Living room

One of our favourite projects, the Monochrome Smart Home is elegant, sophisticated and discrete. An extremely high attention to detail, everything is co-ordinated in this home.

Speaking with the client and designer we began to build upon the clients vision and introduced him to products that would suit the interior design. The end result – seamless tech hiding in plain sight.

The home features a Lutron lighting system with all lighting scenes and circuits controlled by Lutron Palladiom keypads. The matt white keypads blend with the walls leaving the keypads glowing white engravings.

In the kitchen, a Samsung Frame television adorns the wall displaying art when not in use but television at the press of a button.

That’s not all the kitchen is packing- a full 5.1 surround sound system is plastered into the wall, completely flush, completely invisible. The only evidence of the system is the sleek subwoofer grill underneath the television again finished in white to be discrete as possible.

The family snug continues with Monochrome, this time our technology is unashamedly bold. We specified Artcoustic speakers with fabric grills complete in black, the black television screen ready to go.

Even the rear speakers finished in black mounted into the blank canvas walls. The result – an outstanding movie experience in the snug.

You can experience similar technology used, media room systems and Lutron lighting systems at our Kent Showroom.


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