Water mill

Sitting in a glorious corner of West Yorkshire, the refurbishment of this 300-year-old water-powered mill site has retained the original water wheel and mill pond as part of its historic restoration.

Designed by architects Studio Map Ltd, the luxury home is encased in a low energy shell, insulated with Nudura Retrofit insulation panels and built upon a Jackodur Atlas raft. A full Triton damp proofing programme keeps the mill pond in the mill pond!

The 1,069m² project required rebuilding using reclaimed stone from the site and total construction time was 78 weeks with some 80 days spent on Nudura ICF installation time (8640 sq.ft.).

The Mill Pond on a higher level was seeping and had destabilized the buildings’ structure. Nudura provided the single solution. The building was able to be rebuilt in stages and it was possible to meet imposing standards required by BS8102 2009 on waterproofing.

The property had been seriously damaged by the constant flow of water through the structure and the top two floors had to be carefully rebuilt. A concrete ring beam was cast onto the external walls, and Nudura 96-6 used to rebuild the internal skin. Reclaimed stone from the barn was used to clad the Nudura , making it is impossible to distinguish between old and new.

A wine cellar sits on an even lower level than the Mill, the water pressure was high and the existing walls in perilous condition. The floor above the cellar was removed and pumped dry and a new water-proof slab was cast. Nudura  96-8 was used to line the existing cellar structure and filled with waterproof concrete.

The multi-award-winning Corn Mill is now a thermally efficient structure. A once damp, cold and structurally unstable edifice of the past is now a safe, warm, cosy home for future generations.

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