Polyx-Oil Rapid from Osmo UK is a premium wood finish guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. As the name suggests, this product offers rapid drying times. Ideal for all wooden floors and furniture surfaces, it is a high quality, water-repellent and tread-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients.

The high solid content of Polyx-Oil Rapid provides a superior finish in extra quick time – between 4 – 5 hours. In fact, the short drying time allows two coats to be applied in just one day. And the wear resistance of treated floors even exceeds that of conventional parquet seals and varnishes.

As well as being used on solid wood, plank, strip, OSB and cork flooring, Polyx-Oil Rapid is also well suited for the treatment of internal joinery and furniture such as tabletops. The range features three different finishes:

– 3232 Clear, Satin – the subtle, noble shimmer resembles satin and emphasises the wood grain modestly.
– 3262 Clear, Matt – provides an almost completely natural look. Light reflections are diffused.
– 3240 Rapid White – it is recommended to apply just one coat, followed by a clear coat.

Alternatively, for a more intensive colour, apply just two coats as a stand-alone finish.
Polyx-Oil Rapid is water repellent and extremely tough and hard-wearing. It is also saliva-resistant and sweatproof, meaning that it is suitable for use on surfaces and toys that children use.

Before application, ensure the wood surface is clean, dry and frost-free, with old paints and lacquers completely removed. After sanding the surface and mixing the finish, use an Osmo Flat Brush, Microfibre Roller or Floor Brush to thinly and evenly apply the product along the wood grain.

Allow the surface to dry for approximately 4-5 hours under good ventilation, before applying a second coat.


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