As Tesla Energy Approved Installers, we are proud to be able to offer clients the Tesla Powerwall 2 battery storage solution with 13.5kWh of useable storage, and a discharge rate of 5kW continuously (up to 7kW for short periods).

Store any excess electricity from your PV system and power your home overnight, further reducing your reliance on grid supplied electricity.  This clever battery storage system charges and discharges automatically and will easily power your home overnight for large parts of the year, dependant on the size of your PV system.

Thermally controlled and able to be mounted internally or externally the Powerwall is a very intelligent and flexible storage solution, allowing you to take full control of your energy needs.

The back up gateway will also enable your home to continue to be powered even in the event of a mains/grid failure.

Contact us today to see how a storage solution can be added to your existing PV system or be a integral part of your new build/refurbishment project.


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