House with full span of glazing

We supplied and installed Rationel Forma windows into this low-energy retrofit just outside of Hastings. The property had been substantially developed and extended throughout the 1960s and had an interesting mix of construction methods that affected the types of products used in the retrofit conversion.

The Rationel Forma system is a high-performance Danish timber system that offers traditional aesthetics with contemporary levels of performance. Our client chose this system to help improve the energy efficiency of their family home whilst also keeping a somewhat traditional look.

The Rationel range of products are split into two aesthetic styles; contemporary or traditional. Both the contemporary and traditional ranges are available in timber only or timber-aluminium clad, both options are also available in double or triple-glazing and can achieve u-values as low as 0.78 W/m2 K

Rationel window systems are low-maintenance and durable, with the aluminium-clad examples having a life expectancy of 83 years. Over 200 colours are available and dual colour can be specified on the aluminium-clad systems at no extra cost.

A wide range of glazing is also available, including solar glazing, which is perfect for properties with a large amount of glazing on a south-facing elevation. Acoustic glazing is also available for properties located near a busy road or within a city centre.


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