Hallway in timber frame home

Christina and Chris Hughes journey to self build started way back in 2000 when they visited the Potton Self Build Centre at St Neots for the first time and fell in love with the Gransden show house and decided then and there that they would one day build one for themselves.

Now the story is slightly different as they are now firmly settled in their modified Wickhambrook Barn in the middle of Kent.

The plot was around 1.4 acres with an almost temporary building on it where the owner lived and a lovely pond. Most of all though it had planning approval for a larger house of around 450 square metres which in the couples minds simply did not suit the plot.

“We wanted a balance of open plan but still with some privacy inside, vaulted ceilings to add a bit of drama and the opportunity to incorporate an almost self-sufficient area where visiting family members or friends might have their own space. The house we wanted would look traditional from the outside but was contemporary on the inside.”

Site set up began in November 2015 with a recommended Potton approved builder for most of the works who had built numerous Potton homes around the area were absolutely excellent their experience was invaluable. The couple were in rented accommodation around 100 miles away so felt comfortable they could rely on them to do a good job.

“We purchased a lot of our own materials and used a few of our own contacts who installed our heating system which included underfloor heating on the ground floor.”

“Our best moment was when we finally secured the plot and could have fish and chips whilst sitting by the pond making plans for the build!”

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