New Covid Safety Guidance for Home Builders and Renovators

New COVID safety measures have been released to help homeowners and tradespeople continue work during the pandemic
by Lucy Aplin
19th July 2020

 A new scheme called Work Safe, Safe Work has been launched this month to help homeowners and tradespeople stay safe and feel confident to continue work whilst social distancing.

The new government-backed guidance, which was developed by TrustMark, gives homeowners and builders clear practical advice and safety measures to follow during the pandemic.

The Work Safe, Safe Work booklet emphasises that clear conversation between trades and employers is essential to promote on-site safety. The guidance also highlights that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to disinfect door handles before and after someone enters the home, however it is the tradesperson’s duty to provide their own PPE.

Covid-safe measures for trades working in your home include:

  1. Disinfect doors and handles daily before and after your tradesperson comes into your home.
  2. If anyone in your home is isolating, work can only start when they have completed 14 days in isolation and are symptom free.
  3. Cut down on face-to-face contact by using phones or tablet devices with cameras before work starts.
  4. Ask what personal protection equipment (PPE) the tradesperson will use.
  5. If you are clinically vulnerable, tell your tradesperson so they can take extra care.
  6. Like normal, remember to agree the scope of work and price in writing before work starts.

Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark says, “As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, more homeowners want to carry on works This is vital in not only the construction industry’s recovery to the coronavirus pandemic, but also the country’s recovery.”

“In providing clear and simple information, the Work Safe, Safe Work campaign will inform homeowners and give them confidence, in this new reality we are finding ourselves in.”

Get the Work Safe, Safe Work booklet here

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